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The Auction BLOQ

WQBQ 1410 Radio Daily Auctions – The Auction BloQ

Free Advertising For Businesses and GREAT DEALS for listeners!

WQBQ 1410 Radio AuctionEveryday Businesses Donate Gift Certificates to WQBQ 1410 Radio then we hold a LIVE auction on the Radio to Auction these off. This show is called “The Auction BloQ.” You can call in and bid any amount you like. You never know when you will be the highest bidder and WIN the gift certificate valued at $25 for as low as $10. It’s a whole lot of fun!

So invite a friend or two, tune in, listen in and Bid away! Items sometimes go for Pennies on the dollar, and sometimes they go for FULL value. Always a great deal of fun. This is a Great way to get into any business that you have been thinking about visiting.

Monday – Friday beginning at 8:00 am.

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Here is a sample of The Auction BloQ.